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8 Benefits of Small Group Tours

Here’s the thing – touring with a larger group will probably, but not always, work out a bit cheaper.

But that’s where the advantage ends when you’re ‘hanging with the crowd.’

Clamouring in the throngs of hundreds of people to get a picture of your destination is probably not your idea of fun, and it isn’t ours either.

Sometimes it’s worth investing in an experience, and the benefits of small group tours don’t end there.

1. Unparalleled access to your destination

When you’re on a small group tour, it’s not just a trip – it’s a deep dive into your destination.

Forget the usual tourist traps; away from the bustling crowds, our intimate cruise experiences bring you closer to your destination’s hidden gems – secluded coves, tranquil rivers, and ancient rock art only accessible by smaller vessels.

You’re not just a tourist, or a spectator, on a small group tour like a True North cruise; you’re an explorer, immersing yourself in the untouched beauty of the landscape, whichever destination you choose.

The benefits of not being just another face in the crowd - true North Adventure Cruise

2. Do what you want when you want

On a larger cruise, the practicalities pretty much dictate that everyone needs to do the same thing at the same time. But not on a small ship cruise, with a smaller group of travelling companions.

Say goodbye to rigid schedules and overcrowded tour stops. Here, you have the flexibility to tailor your day to your desires. Fancy a morning of tranquil fishing or an impromptu hike through a hidden bush trail? Go for it. Want to spend some extra time capturing the perfect sunset shot from a secluded beach? You can. Maybe you’d rather simply lounge on the deck soaking in the serene surroundings? Whatever your preferences, a small group tour can cater to them – no waiting around for others.

Being able to do what you want, when you want - true north adventure cruises

3. Authentic cultural experiences

Being part of a small group gives you the ability to really immerse yourself in cultural interactions, in an experience that is more authentic than if you went with a larger cruise group.

On our Indonesia and Papua New Guinea cruises, we often visit small villages; at times these villages may have less than 50 people. Visiting a village like this with hundreds of people immediately takes away the authenticity of the experience. But on a small group tour, you have the opportunity to visit this small village where, in some instances, life has remained relatively unchanged.

Our smaller group size allows for respectful, meaningful interactions that larger groups might overwhelm. It’s not just about seeing; it’s about connecting, understanding and appreciating the heart and soul of the culture you find yourself visiting.

4. More one-on-one time with guides

Small group tours open the door to a more personalised journey, especially when it comes to your interactions with your expert guides. With smaller groups, you’ll enjoy more one-on-one time, asking questions, delving deeper into the region’s history, flora, and fauna, and even picking up insider tips that only the locals know.

The same goes for your crew. Unlike crew on big ships, crew on the TRUE NORTH are encouraged to interact with guests. Of course, they know when to stay in the background, but they will also uniquely chaperone every experience providing timely assistance and genuine company. They will bait your hook and carry your scuba tank and they will also join you for dinner and entertain in the ship’s lounge.

And just like when you’re staying with friends – the crew will know what makes you happy. They will know how you like your coffee and you probably won’t even need to ask for your favourite drink at the bar. The small group allows the crew to provide a level of personal service and attention to detail that sets almost every experience apart.

This close-knit atmosphere fosters an experience that is as rich as it is intimate.

5. Travel with like-minded companions

Small group travel with like-minded people is a great way to make new friends, and sharing new experiences with newly made friends is one of life’s simple joys.

These intimate trips attract fellow adventurers who share your passion for exploration, nature, and culture. The smaller group size fosters a warm, community-like atmosphere. You’ll find yourself sharing stories over dinner, teaming up for excursions, or simply enjoying the sights together.

This camaraderie often becomes one of the most cherished aspects of the journey, turning moments into memories and fellow travellers into lifelong friends.

6. Get off the beaten track

On our small ship cruises, the spirit of adventure means veering off the beaten track to uncover the region’s hidden gems. This journey is about experiencing your tour destination in its purest form, far from the well-trodden tourist paths.

Our nimble cruise ship allows us to navigate to secluded spots that larger ships can’t reach – think untouched beaches, secret waterfalls, and remote ancient rock art sites. Each day is an opportunity to explore somewhere new, whether it’s a quiet cove for a peaceful morning swim or a rugged trail leading to breathtaking vistas.

Unequalled Access and authentic experience - true north adventure cruises

7. See and do more

With fewer passengers, our itinerary is agile, allowing us to pack each day with a diverse array of activities and sights without feeling rushed. From early morning wildlife spotting to evening stargazing, every moment is an opportunity for a new experience – and you’ll have access to far more experiences than if you took a larger cruise, or tried to do it yourself.

8. Stress-free travel

Small ship cruises are designed for ease and comfort, meaning you can fully relax and enjoy your adventure. With fewer passengers, embarkation, disembarkation, and moving between activities are smooth and quick; no need to worry about long queues and crowded spaces.

On the TRUE NORTH, our experienced crew takes care of all the details, from expertly guiding you to the day’s destinations to ensuring your comfort onboard. This means you spend less time worrying about logistics and more time soaking in your destination.

Ready to embark on an adventure?

Join us on our small group tours for an unforgettable journey. With unparalleled access, authentic cultural experiences, expert guides, and a close-knit community of fellow travellers, your exploration will be stress-free, immersive, and filled with unique discoveries.

Explore our small ship cruise itineraries and book your trip today!

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