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One of the more tantalising prospects that will hopefully emerge in the New Year is a much-improved ability to travel.

However, cross-border scenarios may involve additional processes and, there may be some shortfalls when it comes to availability. Popular destinations within Australia are especially heavily booked and in some instances, high season availability is already exhausted.

In summary, despite the lifting of border restrictions, travel may not come easy and a definite option might be to plan further ahead. In fact, considering options with longer lead times might very much become the realm of more discerning travellers.

The TRUE NORTH for example is heavily booked for most of the coming year – a testament not only to the prevailing circumstance but also to the enduring popularity of one of Australia’s most highly regarded holidays.

We do have some cabins available early in the year and of particular interest might be Adventure South West (departing Jan 20) and Kimberley Waterfalls 1 (departing March 26). These departures have good availability and present as the perfect opportunity for those who wish to travel sooner rather than later. There are also a handful of cabins still available in the latter part of the year but mid-2022 is very solidly booked.

Even if you are happy to wait a bit longer – don’t wait too long because 2023 is also heavily booked.

The message is clear – if you are someone who always chooses the best, you need to choose now.

To help you choose your preferred adventure – click on the video below to view our “Best of the TRUE NORTH” video featuring adventures from around the Australian coast and, in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

May. 23, 2023 Mega Raft Up

Mega Raft Up

For the first time TRUE NORTH and TRUE NORTH II departed port at the same time. One magical evening both yachts came together adjacent to the majesty of the King George Falls and, all aboard took the opportunit...

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May. 12, 2023 Spending time with the Space Gandalf!

Spending time with the Space Gandalf!

Astronomist and specialist guide Greg Quicke’s recounts an exclusive viewing of the eclipse aboard TRUE NORTH II.

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May. 05, 2023 Luxury Lodges of Australia celebrates the arrival of TRUE NORTH II to the esteemed collection

Luxury Lodges of Australia celebrates the arrival of TRUE NORTH II to the esteemed collection

As freshly refurbished luxury expedition ship TRUE NORTH II readies to embark on her maiden voyage for the 2023 season, Luxury Lodges of Australia has also formally welcomed the 10-cabin adventure yacht to the ...

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Apr. 20, 2023 Exclusive Eclipse viewing for guests on TRUE NORTH II

Exclusive Eclipse viewing for guests on TRUE NORTH II

Guests on the TRUE NORTH II have been treated to an exclusive viewing of a rare hybrid solar eclipse.

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Apr. 12, 2023 True North II Launch

True North II Launch

Friends and past guests recently came together to celebrate the launch of TRUE NORTH II at Blue HQ’s “The View” in Fremantle.

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